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Let Pathfork help you tell stories.


Write your stories right in the browser with rich text formatting, just like on a blog.

You can write about people and places, too.

You control all your own content, of course, and own the rights to everything you put here (assuming it's yours to begin with :-P). There's also a button to export your works in a bare-bones HTML format that you can download; this is easy to open and re-save in Word, OpenOffice, or whatever else you use.


Pathfork isn't just a place to collect your stories, it helps you organize them, too. Each story has however many sections you'd like. Move, edit, and delete them at any time.

Sections can be either sections or snippets, and you can change them back and forth whenever you want. Snippets show up in a separate section from the table of contents, and you can use them for fragments, notes, or just chapters-to-be.

You can also record information about characters and settings. Support for inanimate objects coming soon!

Then, just like you would tag a blog post with a topic, you can tag your story sections with characters and settings to help you keep track of everybody and where they are. There are also index pages to show where characters and settings are tagged.


In the next phase of development you'll be able to publish the stories you want to on your public Pathfork page, as well as export your works as a regular word processor document.

In the further future, Pathfork will support publishing directly to services like Medium and Wordpress with API access credentials.

And more!

In the far-off future, Pathfork will offer fun, optional, and likely-incorrect automated text analyses. This will attempt to gauge the mood of a given story or section, that sort of thing.